Joel Embiid Recalled His Draft Night After Learning He’ll Represent The 76ers At The Lottery

05.09.17 12 months ago

Getty Image

Joel Embiid is heading to the NBA Draft Lottery. The Philadelphia 76ers announced that their star young center will represent the franchise at the event, which takes place on May 16. Philly needs all the good luck it can get, and despite his checkered injury history, Embiid is about as close to a talisman as the franchise has. Ergo, he’s going to the lottery, and the team apparently hopes there are a certain sugary drink in the building.

Embiid, meanwhile, reacted to the news by looking back on his draft night. As you may recall, ESPN’s cameras caught Embiid a few seconds before he found out he was on-air, so his face was stoic and he looked kinda bummed out. So once he found out he’s heading to the lottery, all he wanted to know was which guy was going to be this year’s Joel Embiid.

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