Joel Embiid Won’t Let The Fine From His Recent Spat With LaVar Ball Keep Him From Tweeting

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Despite the fact that he got fined by the NBA due to his budding feud with LaVar Ball, Joel Embiid will never stop posting. The Sixers’ star big man got that point across at the Variety Sports & Entertainment Summit on Thursday when he explained his social media philosophy and general approach to tweeting.

“I don’t think twice,” Embiid said. “For me, one thing to start my career off, I missed my first two years and it was really tough. One thing I said to myself when I got back on the court was just go out there and have fun and show your personality. Basically don’t care about what anybody else has to say.

“I’m having fun,” Embiid continued. “I don’t think twice before I put something out there, to me it’s just speaking my mind, being myself. I know sometimes it can hurt me but at the same time everybody has told me to be myself and never change.”

Embiid got in trouble with the league after he did an Instagram live and said “f*ck LaVar Ball.” The two have been bumping heads over the last few weeks — it especially picked up on the night of the NBA Draft, when Embiid and Ben Simmons clowned Lonzo Ball.

Embiid’s personality has pushed him to the verge of stardom, so it’s not exactly stunning that his social media hijinks led to him getting in trouble. But it’s also pretty good that he has no intention of changing the way he approaches Twitter and Instagram, because Embiid is really good at social media.

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