LaVar Ball Fired Back At Joel Embiid’s Vulgar Video And Now We Officially Have A Beef

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LaVar Ball and Joel Embiid are officially feuding. The father of Lonzo Ball has called out Embiid, The Process responded with a simple profane video and Ball has now responded again in a TMZ video where he called Embiid “small change” and said he wasn’t “intelligent.”

Because it’s July and there is no basketball to be had, Ball and Embiid are going back and forth over a few tweets Embiid sent out on the night of the NBA Draft. It’s all fairly referential, but Embiid mimicked a tweet his teammate Ben Simmons’ sister sent out earlier in the season.

Olivia Simmons said she wanted her brother to dunk “so hard” on Ball that LaVar would get on the court to defend his son, a line Embiid parroted on draft night when Simmons himself tweeted about Lonzo getting picked second overall by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Later, LaVar Ball was asked about the tweets on the radio earlier in the week and he let Embiid have it. According to Liberty Ballers, Ball said Embiid needs to get off the “goddamn Tweeter.”

“When you don’t win and don’t even make the playoffs, and don’t even stay on the court long enough, that’s the best thing you can do is Tweet, make some stuff. Ain’t nobody else doing that, because they’re working on their game in the gym. These guys ain’t played a game, always hurt, and at the bottom of the totem pole.

So guess what, get your asses off the goddamn Tweeter, and get in the gym.”

Ball clearly heard that, and he had a fairly succinct response to it on Instagram.

I’m not sure how LaVar feels about the X-Pro II filter, but he heard what Embiid had to say about him and responded in an interview with TMZ.

“The reason he said that,” Ball said. “Because his vocabulary is limited. That’s why: you have to use cuss words when you have no intellect.”

Ball then went off on a familiar subplot: if people are talking about him, they’re not focused on their game. Ball was asked if he thought Embiid wasn’t smart, and he called him “not intelligent at all.” There was also a retort, however, that went awry when he Ball himself used one word too many.

“No, he’s not intelligent at all. He’s worried about me. He should be worried about playing.

I’ve got three words for him. Can’t play at all. Oh shoot, that’s four.”

LaVar then got on Embiid for something even ESPN has—he can’t seem to stay healthy just yet. LaVar said that when the Lakers and Sixers play, he “won’t even be on the court.” I’m sure Embiid will find a way to respond to this soon because it’s summer, and there’s plenty of time to talk. The only question is which social media site the response comes from, I guess.