Joel Embiid Was Not Happy After Ben Simmons Collided With Him While Securing A Rebound

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Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons are two very large humans. It creates for an interesting dynamic with their unique skill sets, because while both dudes are physical and hard to guard, Embiid is a remarkably skilled center while Simmons has the skill set and court vision of a point guard in a 6’10 frame.

One skill that both players possess is the ability to rebound the basketball exceptionally well — Embiid can throw people around down low and inhale boards, while Simmons’ ability to get a rebound and initiate a fast break on his own is a sight to behold. The issue is wires can get crossed, and when that happens, you get an incident like the one that occurred on Wednesday night against the Clippers.

Embiid had a relatively easy opportunity to grab a board, but Simmons decided he wanted to try and grab it, too. This led to the two running into one another and Embiid getting a little shaken up. Philadelphia called a time out, and Embiid got caught screaming something a little NSFW.

It wasn’t the only moment where Embiid’s emotions boiled over a little, as he got into it with Clippers guard Patrick Beverley later in the game.

Embiid and Beverley are both high on the list of NBA guys not worth messing with, so it’s good that the entire fracas got diffused rather quickly. As for Embiid and Simmons, that seemed like nothing more than one dude getting frustrated that one of his teammates ran into him.