John Collins Threw Down A Dunk Of The Year Candidate On Poor Jarrett Allen In The Preseason

Preseason basketball is rarely all that noteworthy on a national scale, as most big names are either in street clothes on the bench or are simply trying to get a little run in, find their flow, and stay healthy.

However, in Atlanta on Wednesday night we got a rare, legit highlight out of the preseason contest between the Hawks and Cavs in the fourth quarter when John Collins, who for some reason was still in the game, threw down a vicious alley-oop, and-one dunk on top of a late rotating Jarrett Allen.

There are few players in the NBA who are better at producing poster dunks than John Collins, as he rather famously put his playoff dunk over Joel Embiid on a t-shirt to wear to the next game, and on this occasion, Collins caught Allen napping a bit, and if you come over late on a Collins alley-oop, it’s best if you don’t come over at all. Allen not only had the indignity of getting dunked on but picked up a foul as well for just sort of wandering into Collins’ way and bumping him on the attempt.

It’s not often you get the bar for dunk of the season set this high in the preseason, but the recently well-paid Collins made his presence felt in a big way.