John Wall Won’t Get A Signature Adidas Shoe, But He’ll Get A Chance To Work With Kanye

02.07.18 1 year ago

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Like most NBA superstars, a major shoe deal is a big part of their legacy. John Wall landed his first one with Reebok as a rookie, but later jumped ship to adidas. He would subsequently end his relationship with that company as well amid reports he was unhappy with the size of his contract.

Wall has since signed back on with adidas, and there’s quite a bit to parse out in terms of the nuances of his deal. For starters, Wall won’t have a signature sneaker with the brand, which probably sounds surprising given that most people would consider that the primary purpose of any sneaker endorsement.

However, there are all sorts of other perks and incentives built in to the contract, including some very cool opportunities to collaborate with some of hip hop’s heavyweights.

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