John Wall Is Killing Everyone In The “Lockout League”

09.16.11 8 years ago 27 Comments
If we didn’t know any better, off this summer alone, our top five NBA players might read something like this: Kevin DurantBrandon JenningsLeBron James…freakin’ Josh Selby…and John Wall. Washington’s finest has been destroying everyone from the blacktop to the gym. As “The Lockout League” has finally taken shape, he’s not doing anything to force us to back off some of the prodigious claims we’ve made about him. He’s going to be a beast, and some of us even think he could eventually be the best point guard in the world. These are still pickup games, and guys like J.J. Hickson (34 points and 14 rebounds) are doing work. But with 10 NBA players on the floor, they might be amongst the greatest pickup games of all-time. Wall has been the best player there so far, and in one game dropped 42, nine dimes and eight boards. We don’t expect this to be some summer fling. He’s going to be noticeably better next year. One guy we were interested in seeing do well was Avery Bradley and he did, dropping 20 points. The C’s better give him minutes this year. DeMar DeRozan also dropped 35 … But Wall’s rep falls on the shoulders of his teammates. It’s always about winning, and that’s even more important when you’re talking PGs. Who’s going to show love to the floor general for a lottery team? It doesn’t happen. So we love what Andray Blatche tried to do, but we can’t help but make fun. All you need to know about the Wizards, you can get from this story. Blatche recently read a book on leadership that inspired him to call up the troops and get everyone together for team workouts. Of course about half the team committed to it, but in the end it was only Blatche, Hamady Ndiaye and first-round pick Chris Singleton who came through. This story reminds us so much of those old middle school birthday parties when you always had to wonder if people would show up or if you’re bitter classmate rivals would purposely kill your party by setting up something cooler and better at the same time. Some of the guys had excuses, but still the Grizzlies just pulled the same thing and Mike Conley was telling us just about everyone was down in Memphis working out … Keep reading to hear about Mario Chalmers’ beef with Jay Wright and more NBA 2K12 news

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