Video: John Wall Asks State Farm Officials To Join Assist Team During All-Star Game

Chris Paul’s National Bureau of Assists team already boasts a stellar starting five, but depth matters in the insurance game just like it does on the hardwood. And considering John Wall is the league-leader in dimes per game, he’d no doubt make a pretty good Sixth Man.

Of course, it helps that he’s clearly interested in the role, too.

The Washington Wizards superstar would make the fourth All-Star to be part of State Farm’s Assist squad if afforded a spot, joining (“twin brothers”) of Paul, Steph Curry, and Damian Lillard. Sue Bird and John Stockton’s identical siblings round out the group.

There’s only so much ball to go around on a team so stacked. But Cliff Paul’s team is called the N.B.A. for a reason, and it’s not like Don Stockton – the group’s Chief Assisting Officer – should be playing major minutes at 52 years-old anyway.

Needless to say, Ron Wall seems a pretty good fit to us.

[Vine via NBA on TNT]