Jordan Brand And PSNY Team Up Again, This Time For New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week has already sent ripples throughout the shoe game, first with LeBron debuting the LeBron 15’s earlier in the week. Now Jordan Brand fires off their own salvo with another collaboration with PSNY, their premier piece, a woven Jordan 15 retro shoe..

The olive colored woven PSNY 15 retails for $190, while the retro suede PSNY 15 retails for $220.

This year’s partnership between PSNY and Jordan Brand is an 11 piece set which includes the aforementioned Retro Jordan 15’s and a hoodie that looks like it’d make for a strong addition to anyone’s collection.

As for why PSNY and Jordan brand keep this brand partnership going, it stems from the New York roots both companies share.

Since 2015, Jordan Brand and PSNY have partnered on multiple projects articulating the melding of culture and sport through fashion. PSNY’s Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne’s emotional tie to Jordan Brand can be traced back to their respective childhoods. Both are products of New York City, and the two award-winning designers grew up spellbound by fashion and sneaker culture. Like countless others, Chow and Osborne adapted the Jordan signature line into their own NY-inspired style. That translation from the hardwood to the streets has since been engrained in both modern style and Jordan Brand’s design DNA.

The collaborative pieces between PSNY and Jordan brand will be released not only online at publicschoolnyc.com but in 32 locations nationwide. These pieces sell out quickly (both pairs of 15s have sold out online already) because of the profile of when they’re released, so happy hunting to those who want a piece of this year’s partnership and may the odds be in your favor.