Jordan Crawford Abuses Willie Green With Explosive Crossover

On a night when the Celtics and the city of Boston saluted former coach, Doc Rivers, the Celtics Jordan Crawford — who briefly played under Rivers last season, with inauspicious results — showed his previous coach just how dangerous he can be on the offensive end.

Not more than three minutes into the reunion game, Crawford decimated Clippers shooting guard Willie Green with a crossover that left him Green dizzy and overextended the wrong way. After blowing by Green, Crawford showed off his newly found court vision under new coach Brad Stevens — he leads the Celtics in assists this year — and threw a pinpoint no-look pass to Brandon Bass for the dunk.

The C’s lost, as we mentioned previously, but Crawford had 20 points (7/17) and nine dimes (vs. only three turnovers) going against Chris Paul. Since the Clippers won, we’re guessing Doc was proud of his former knuckleheaded guard’s game.

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