J.R. Smith Introduced The World To His Mysterious Nameless Alter Ego

Hey, did you know that J.R. Smith has an alter ego now? It’s him with a mask on that protects the top of his head and his mouth from cold weather. It’s Pipe God’s alter ego, whose name we will likely never know because he refuses to tell us.

According to Earl, Ohio State gave him the mask that turns him into [unnamed alter ego] as a gift when a number of Cavaliers players visited Columbus for the Buckeyes’ game against Michigan last weekend. He also let his alter ego explain one of the most bizarre moments of the NBA season: when he dapped up Jason Terry during Cleveland’s game against the Bucks, only he did it during a live play, so his man got an easy layup.

Yup, Smith went to the Bucks’ sideline to give Terry some love because he had no idea he was in the game. He didn’t even remember what play the reporters were asking him about, which is a little weird, because you’d think that everyone on the Cavs would get a laugh at his expense for this one.

Then again, J.R. wasn’t answering this, his alter ego was. And let’s face it: if his alter ego is a Cavs fan, he probably wasn’t watching on Tuesday night, as Cleveland fell to Milwaukee, 118-101.