J.R. Smith Dapped Up Jason Terry Instead Of Playing Defense On This Possession

J.R. Smith is an internet hero and this might be his most entertaining performance yet. The Cleveland Cavaliers went on the road to take on the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday and, during the action, Smith got slightly distracted.

For reasons passing understanding, the veteran shooting guard wandered off the court during live play in order to greet Bucks guard Jason Terry on the sideline. That, as you can expect, did not end well for the Cavaliers on the possession shown above. The end result was a dunk from Milwaukee’s Tony Snell and, frankly, a lot of shock and hilarity when it comes to J.R. Smith’s actions.

What was Smith thinking? What is his relationship with Terry, who has never been a teammate of Smith’s at any level? How does LeBron James feel about this? There are several questions to be answered but, for now, we are left to simply ponder the wonder that is J.R. Smith’s mind.