Not Even Justin Bieber’s Twitter Army Can Make Chris Paul An All-Star Starter

Justin Bieber, Chris Paul
Getty/USA Today

This is how it works: Justin Bieber decides he wants to get Chris Paul into the NBA All-Star game as a starter. Bieber knows his vote alone won’t do anything, so he enlists the help of his Twitter army – approximately 73 million strong.

Just like that, Chris Paul has 55,000 more votes for the All-Star game.

Bieber is just the latest to wield his social media influence in such a way. Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade also used their Twitters to garner votes for one another and their teammates.

In fact, Bieber used this exact same tactic last year with Kyle Lowry, who eventually overtook Dwyane Wade for a starting spot in New York. Unfortunately for Bieber, the Beliebers and Chris Paul, the results likely won’t be the same this year.

CP3 currently trails current Western Conference starters Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry by more than 200,000 and 600,000 votes, respectively. Bieber and his army’s contribution is little more than a drop of water at this point.

(H/T NBC Sports)