Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Thinks The Recent NFL Player Protests Are ‘Remarkable’

09.28.17 8 months ago 9 Comments

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This past weekend was tense in the world of sports as both the NFL and NBA dealt with the fallout from comments by president Donald Trump against protests made by NFL athletes during the national anthem, as well as the Warriors not wanting to visit the White House. On Sunday, nearly every NFL team made some kind of protest or showing of unity during the national anthem in response to Trump’s call for owners to fire players that do so, and LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and others came to Steph Curry’s side in response to the president.

The protests have certainly created plenty of dialogue about what’s happening in America right now, although the reason for the protests has seemingly been lost on many, including Trump. Today Show host Megyn Kelly defended NFL players right to protest, citing players First Amendment rights, namely the right to petition as have many others. For some, it reminded them of the days of yesteryear when prominent black athletes were also upfront about social issues affecting their communities.

NBA Hall Of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was among those athletes that led the way in speaking out on social issues and being an athlete activist during his career and throughout his retirement. On Wednesday, the NBA legend spoke to NBC’s Meet The Press on the anthem protests happening over the weekend and said he was proud to see athletes using their platform to air their social grievances to the world, to make the masses aware of these issues.

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