Kawhi Leonard Had A Cameo In The Video For Drake’s ‘Way 2 Sexy,’ And Basketball Fans Lost It

NBA players are extremely into Drake’s Certified Lover Boy. The album, his first since 2018, has been in the works for years, and the early returns from people in the Association could not be more positive.

One player managed to get a little closer to the project than anyone else. Kawhi Leonard, who famously brought an NBA championship to Drake’s beloved Toronto Raptors before heading to Los Angeles to play for the Clippers, had a cameo in the video for Way 2 Sexy alongside Future and Young Thug, who both have have features on the track.

Leonard loves music, as evidenced by his recent Culture Jam project, but it was still a surprise to see him pop up in a music video where he dances alongside Drake, Future, and Young Thug in all-white outfits. Between that and the fact that he just stood there, vibes absolutely immaculate, and seemed to have a terrific time, basketball fans took to Twitter and had some fun.

While this is his only appearance on anything related to the album, it’s not the only time he’s mentioned. Drake name drops Leonard on The Remorse, making 100 percent clear that he (like every Raptors fan, really) wouldn’t hate it if Leonard ever decided to leave L.A. and come back to the 6.

Leonard just signed a max extension with the Clippers, but hey, maybe the time will be right for a reunion in a few years.