Kelly Oubre Jr. Punched Teammate John Wall During The Warriors And Wizards Fight

The Wizards were the latest team to take it to the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors, as Washington jumped out to a 16-point lead going into halftime in Oracle Arena on Friday night.

Near the end of the half, what was an emotional game boiled over into an all out brawl between Draymond Green and Bradley Beal after Beal caught Green up high in the head while battling for position on a rebound. The two then got locked up and it ended with at takedown, before teammates rushed to the baseline to try and separate them.

Well, almost everyone was trying to separate the two. The Wizards’ young forward Kelly Oubre Jr. seemed to want his own piece of the action and didn’t really care who got the business end of it. While his star point guard John Wall was in front of him trying to pull apart the two on the ground, Oubre got grabbed from behind and threw a hard left hook that appeared to clip Wall in the back of the head.

Luckily it seems like Wall didn’t take the punch directly, but you can see him turn around trying to figure out who the hell just hit him. As for what Oubre was trying to do or who he was trying to hit, it’s really tough to see what he was going for with that punch in the initial video, but a closer look shows he was going after Klay Thompson.

Suspensions are assuredly coming for Beal and Green, but what will be very interesting is what kind of punishment Oubre gets considering he did throw a punch, even if it hit his teammate harder than a member of the Warriors.