Kenny Smith Shoved Shaq And Sent Him Flying Into A Christmas Tree Again

Shaquille O’Neal trying to race Kenny Smith to the big board on the TNT set during halftime of NBA games is nothing new. Sometimes, something silly happens during their race, like the time the set was all decorated for the holiday season and Smith decided to shove the big man, which led to him flying into a Christmas tree. It was very funny, because “Shaq gets shoved into a Christmas tree” is a very funny collection of words.

Fast forward to Tuesday night and Smith did it again. The fellas were discussing the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers when Smith spun around to go to the board. Shaq decided to race him, so The Jet laid him out and sent him so far into the tree that his feet were barely sticking out.

The single ornament rolling slowly while Shaq’s huge feet are sticking out and just kinda wiggling around is my favorite part. He was so far in there that Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley had to come over and pull him out, while Shaq was cracking up as he repeatedly said “this means war, Kenny.” It’s hard to know what, exactly, Shaq has up his sleeve, but I am very excited to find out.