Is Kevin Durant Really Telling Kendrick Perkins About His Free Agency Plans?

04.07.16 3 years ago

Kendrick Perkins knows things, things we all want to know — but can’t.

Perkins has the in with Kevin Durant, and now he knows all about K.D.’s impending 2016 free-agency venture, which is sure to be the talk of the offseason.

Well, maybe he doesn’t know all, but he does know something, per ESPN’s Chris Forsberg.

Perkins, a current member of the Pelicans who played for both the Celtics and Thunder for a number of years, had just finished up a game in Boston on Wednesday when reporters started asking about Durant, his teammate in Oklahoma City from 2011 to 2015.

Could he be coming to Boston? Could he be staying in Oklahoma City? Perkins has an idea. He just won’t tell.

From ESPN:

Told that the Celtics likely will pursue Durant, Perkins replied, “Boston and everybody else, right?” Later he added, “As a friend, I try not to talk to him too much about free agency. I always try to just want to talk to him about things outside of basketball. We talk about personal life and stuff like that. And I know he’s getting this question every day on the hour and stuff like that, so I try not to bother him.

“But he did shoot some teams out there that he made me sign a confidentiality form that I couldn’t tell nobody. He’s got a few teams that he will be looking at.”

A confidentiality agreement? It’s almost impossible to tell the tone of Perk’s comments just from reading them, but is that serious? Because if it is, no wonder we haven’t seen many leaks regarding Durant’s free agency. Friends and family and teammates and advisers would be breaching contract if they told anything to anyone.

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