Kevin Durant And ‘The Bachelorette’ Were Once A ‘Pretty Serious’ Couple

06.02.17 10 months ago

Getty Image

Forget about Kevin Durant‘s current spat with Rihanna, the Golden State Warriors star has had some romantic history recently come to light. An US Weekly report says that Durant had a “pretty serious relationship” with the current star of “The Bachelorette.”

Durant and Rachael Lindsay were a couple while the two attended the University of Texas, according to the report.

“They broke up when she went to law school,” the insider told Us, adding that the split was amicable. “It was a pretty serious relationship.”

Lindsay, 31, was a sports medicine major at Texas, while the 6-foot-9-inch Durant, now 28, was showing what he can do on the basketball court, averaging 25 points per game, winning various national accolades while leading the Longhorns to the second round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

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