Kevin Durant Recorded A Solid, Soul-Infused Rap Verse

Kevin Durant can do a lot of things on a basketball court: he’s probably the deadliest scorer in the league right now (and probably the toughest guard since Michael Jordan), and he’s developed into one of the best facilitators in the league while also improving his defense. But it’s his ability to kick a verse that drew our attention this morning.

The excellent Smoking Section at Uproxx first brought Durant’s rhymes to our attention. KD teamed up with OKC emcee’s Josh Salle, Privaledge and CL McCoy to record “Whole Life,” which features some soul backing beats, and a better-than-expected verse from KD.

He rides the beat with a lot more aplomb than you’d expect from a guy that devotes seemingly every waking hour to perfecting his craft on the hardwood, but as the Smoking Section writes,

“Rappers take note. Much like Beyonce delivered arguably the best album of the year with seconds remaining on the 2013 shot clock, so did Sniper Jones with his late game, record of the year contender ‘Whole Life.'”

We’ve been waiting our “Whole Life” for an NBA player to really impress us on a rap track, and this is pretty dope. While Durant has a “skinny frame, killa game,” we never expected him to rhyme “Simpsons” with “pimpin,'” but we love it anyway. He’s got our rap nerd ear content.

[Smoking Section]

What do you think of Durant’s verse on “Whole Life?”

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