Kevin Garnett Called Out Glen Taylor While Saying He Won’t Be Part Of Any New Wolves Ownership Group

The relationship between Kevin Garnett and Glen Taylor has been tenuous for a long time. Garnett famously indicated in 2020 that he did not want to have his jersey retired by the Minnesota Timberwolves as long as Taylor was the owner but, just a few months later, word broke that Garnett was attempting to work with Taylor on a potential sale of the franchise. For a long time, it has been public knowledge that Taylor was willing to sell the team, with the general stipulation that the Wolves stay in Minneapolis. Still, no sale has taken place to this point and, on Thursday, Garnett released something of a statement on Instagram, both announcing that he is essentially closing the door on being part of a purchasing group and expressing all kinds of frustration.

Garnett says he “got the news that this process of trying to acquire the TWolves is over” but also shared the potential to “focus on other places,” invoking Seattle and Las Vegas. Obviously, Garnett is not too happy that the door is seemingly closed when it comes to the franchise he spent the majority of his career playing for, but another layer of the story emerged after the Hall of Famer player’s comments.

In short, Taylor publicly indicated that he was blissfully unaware of Garnett’s interest in the first place.

“Kevin never contacted me at all saying that he was interested,” Taylor told Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic. “Nor was his name listed on any of the buying groups that asked for financial information to review.”

This seems to strain credibility, but Taylor may be getting into specific details knowing that he can plead ignorance in this case. Regardless, it is a bit of a curveball for the Wolves owner to suggest that, after several months of speculation, Garnett wasn’t even a name that came across his desk.

On one hand, it seems as if this saga is over. On the other, Garnett could respond to Taylor’s denial and, well, that could open the door to the discourse once again.