Kevin Hart Wouldn’t Bet Drake On 76ers-Raptors ‘Because He Doesn’t Pay’

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When Kevin Hart is involved you can usually expect comedy, but he wasn’t quite as in the mood as he usually is during his appearance on Live with Ryan and Kelly. The reason being that Hart’s hometown 76ers had lost to Drake’s Raptors on a heartbreaking Kawhi Leonard buzzer-beater.

When Kelly brought up the series she also mentioned Hart’s relationship with Drake and that’s when Hart went in on the famous rapper. Was he serious? Of course not, it’s Kevin Hart, but he did say he blames himself for the Raptors winning because he didn’t bet Drake on the series. He thinks had he bet on the 76ers to win the series they would have won, but stayed away because Drake doesn’t pay his debts in timely fashion.

That’s a strong allegation against Drake, but it’s clear that Hart doesn’t believe quite that highly in his 76ers team or he wouldn’t be afraid of Drake not paying up on his bets. What’s there to lose! If Drake doesn’t pay up then Hart gets the bragging rights and an ever increasing debt. And, according to him, the 76ers would have won. Obviously what Hart should have done was laid down money on the Sixers. Maybe then the rim would have pushed Leonard’s ball more in his favor.