Kevin Hart Tells The Story Of The Time Heckling James Harden Went Terribly Wrong

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NBA All-Star Weekend is always a fun weekend filled with parties, basketball and lots of celebrity sightings, but with All-Star in Los Angeles this weekend, all of that is taken to another level.

L.A. is home to the stars, so they don’t even have to leave their backyard to get to All-Star this year, which means you can almost guarantee courtside on Saturday and Sunday night will be filled with A-listers looking to be up close and personal with the action. Kevin Hart has long been a staple of All-Star Weekend, and this year is no different. As a former multiple time MVP of the Celebrity Game, Hart has put his skills on display before and there are few that mix it up courtside with players as much as the comedian and movie star.

We sat down with Kevin Hart in Los Angeles over the weekend as he kicked off his new #CourtSidekick contest with Mountain Dew Kickstart to discuss his basketball skill set, a dream starting five around him, his favorite players to get into it with while courtside, the time he heckled James Harden and it backfired on his beloved Sixers and why Joel Embiid can be a mega-star in the NBA.

You’re multiple times-

Yes, sir.

Celebrity game, MVP.

Yes, sir.

What NBA player would you compare your game to?

Wow. I don’t think you can just take one player man, because the talent that you’re looking at within the talent of myself is an amazing talent. So, if you could combine … Oh, God. You gotta go with all the greats. You take a little bit of Michael Jordan, sprinkle some Kobe Bryant in there, a piece of LeBron James, the heart of Russell Westbrook, maybe the handles of Kyrie Irving. You may get close to what I am, but like I said, it takes a combination of almost eight guys-

That’s a lot

Which is tough you know? This is why it makes me even uncomfortable to talk about it, to talk about where I am as a talent within the game. But yeah, you’re looking at a high level of athletic ability.

With all that talent.


If you were to fill out a five man roster with current NBA guys around yourself, so four more, who are your teammates that you’re picking?

Okay, then this is like myself included?

Yourself included. So, I’m assuming you’re point guard.

Okay. Well, I mean I can play every position.

You’re like prime Magic Johnson.

Yes. You can’t limit me to just one particular position. Well, okay. I would definitely go with LeBron James. I would definitely go with Kevin Durant. I would definitely go with … this is where it gets tricky, but you gotta throw James Harden in there right now.