Kevin Hart Is The Celebrity Basketball GOAT In This Failed ’30 For 30′

The Celebrity Game at the NBA All-Star weekend in New Orleans was a lopsided 88-59 victory for East where the highlight was a small child coming out of the crowd to make a basket. The West was clearly missing some star power on the court, and some would argue that star is Kevin Hart.

But the 4-time Celebrity All-Star Game MVP didn’t play because Hart claims he lost his love for the game. The shocking revelation comes in an emotional 30 for 30 produced by ESPN.

In the fictional trailer for a “failed” 30 for 30 entitled “Playing With Hart,” the comedian/actor/4-time Celebrity All-Star Game MVP hilariously recounts his triumphs in the celebrity game and inevitable fall from grace.

“What if I told you that the smallest player on the court had the biggest heart?” the now-iconic 30 For 30 intro voiceover asks.

The trailer is in classic sports documentary style, with swelling music over an interview with Hart and highlights from his Celebrity Game appearances. And because it’s a 30 for 30 there are a few sports person cameos, including ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Ramona Shelburne, Jalen Rose, and J. A. Adande. Adande even called Hart’s shoe-throwing, mascot-punching antics “problematic.”

Hart has high praise for himself in the interview, making bold statements about his hoops prowess against other millionaires.

“You can go down the list, you can go through every stat,” Hart says. “I’m the greatest celebrity basketball player of all time.”
Hart also recounts his showdown two years ago with Mo’Ne Davis, who brutalized him with a spin move unlike anything we saw at this year’s contest. Hart still won the MVP despite getting schooled by a 14-year-old on national television. The clip made clear that he’s still not over the incident and contains a shocking allegation about Davis that’s frankly too upsetting to type out.

Maybe the sports doc will help Hart deal with whatever off-court issues are impacting his performance on the court and he can go for a fifth title next season. It’s tough to see the greats hang it up when they’re in their prime.

(via For the Win)