Kevin McHale’s Wife Comically Calls Out The Rockets On Twitter Before Deleting Her Account

Kevin McHale Lynn McHale Tweet
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We love everything about this, even if Kevin McHale — original Boston Celtic gangster and truly one of the most revered people in basketball today — was mortified when he found out. That’s because his wife of over 30 years, Lynn, put the Houston Rockets on blast after her husband was unceremoniously terminated following Houston’s up-and-down 4-and-7 start to the season.

As you can see from the thred Adam Spolane tweeted on Thursday, Lynn decided to call out Rockets GM Daryl Morey, James Harden and even James Harden’s famous bae.


As our astute coworker points out, Kardashian isn’t spelled that way, which makes Lynn even more awesome in our book. Claims a Kardashian somehow rocked the Rockets boat enough to get the coach canned make Houston look even more desperate and misguided if true, so we’re glad she sorta mentions them, but misspelling the name warms our analog heart.

Then again, McHale only signed a three-year extension — for a purported $12 million — in December of last season. Like Tom Thibodeau in Chicago, McHale and his hip wife can at least fall back on the money they’ll be collecting as someone else tries to right the Rockets….ship. (All written puns are intentional.)

Except, likely owing to her passionate tweeting after her husband’s dismissal, Lynn’s account is no more, and you can bet Kevin wasn’t too happy she went after his former employers. He’s OG, you don’t do that; you bow out gracefully, especially because Kevin probably wants to coach again. Still, he’ll find work, regardless of what Lynn tweeted. However, before she deleted her account, she did mention all the money she and her husband will still get out of the deal, even if the wound is still raw.

We all need more Lynn in our lives.

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