The Kings Beat The Lakers On A Game-Winning Three By Bogdan Bogdanovic At The Buzzer

12.28.18 7 months ago

Sacramento Kings/YouTube

The Sacramento Kings did it again. Despite being down to the Los Angeles Lakers by double-digits in the fourth quarter, Sacramento clawed its way back into the game and put itself in a position to win, because that is what the Kings do, they fight every minute and should never be considered completely out of any contest.

Of course, fighting back into a game is one thing, actually winning it is the hard part. Los Angeles led the Kings by two points with less than five seconds remaining, but the Kings had the ball and knew who they wanted to give it to immediately: sharpshooter Bogdan Bogdanovic. Sacramento executed the inbounds to perfection and Bogdanovic nailed a shot with no time left.

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