Is This The Grossest Kiss Cam Reaction Ever… Or The Most Adorable?

The Kiss Cam is a big part of sporting events, even if it can sometimes initiate some of humanity’s worst behavior. On the whole, though, it’s usually sorta amazing while simultaneously renewing that same sense of optimism we may have lost with all the recent ickiness involved.

But normally, we’re team kiss cam, even if some college troglodytes are ruining it.

And that same sense of happiness can also be associated with this next kiss cam couple. The man, and protagonist of our tale, appears to be a Pistons fan who was featured on a kiss cam, we think, when the Pistons hosted the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday night.

And the moment he spots himself on the big screen, he straight licks his girl’s face, like a vendor at the Palace of Auburn Hills dropped a little MDMA in his drink.


At first, we were repulsed by the very public tongue bath he gave his lady friend. Then we saw the look of adoration on the girl’s face after the whole thing went down. That is a look of pure love.

Now we’re rooting for both of these crazy kids to really have a future. If you ever find yourself on the kiss cam with your beau, really get into the ensuing smooch. There’s no other way but tongue first.

(H/T reddit)