Klay Thompson Would Consider A Pay Cut To Stay With The Warriors, Thanks To His Giant Shoe Contract

10.04.17 6 months ago

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The Warriors have a blueprint in place to keep their core group together for the next five years having inked Steph Curry to a max contract this summer. The cost of that plan is staggering, with the price tag going well over $1 billion, but it’s likely a price worth paying to continue being the NBA title favorite for the foreseeable future.

Kevin Durant helped lighted the cost of that plan some this summer by taking a significant pay cut to just $25 million on his 1-and-1 deal, which he’ll almost assuredly recoup next summer in the form of a max deal of his own. After Durant re-signs, it will be Klay Thompson’s turn to re-up in the Bay, and he, like Durant, is considering making some financial concessions to make sure the franchise can keep quality role players around their stars.

With Durant taking $25 million this summer, Golden State was able to keep Andre Iguodala from walking to Houston as well as Shaun Livingston. While their four stars are the key to being title favorites, the Warriors’ depth is what makes them a juggernaut capable of withstanding an injury to one of those stars, like happened with Durant last season.

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