Here’s Klay Thompson Nailing A Half-Court Shot On A Bicycle Because It’s August

Klay Thompson is in Las Vegas right now, practicing with Team USA, but it’s still the offseason. The offseason is for indulging in your heart’s desire, or your brain’s whims. For Thompson, one (or both) of those is to make a half-court shot while riding a bicycle. That’s how you offseason.

It’s worth noting that Klay is quick to give credit to his buddy for the perfect pass (and it was a perfect pass). Such a class act. Even as he tools around on a bicycle in the gym in August, he’s still always shouting out his teammates. Somewhere Colin Cowherd is smiling smugly as he furiously pokes his John Wall voodoo doll.

Once again, we will use this space to advocate for a game of H-O-R-S-E among NBA players to be added to All-Star Saturday festivities. It would be way more entertaining than the Skills Challenge (and, we’re guessing, slightly more difficult for Patrick Beverley to win).

(Via Klay Thompson’s Instagram)