Klay Thompson Is ‘Confident’ He’s The Best Shooting Guard In The NBA

In a turn of events that will surprise literally no one, Klay Thompson told Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group that he thinks he’s the best shooting guard in the NBA.

“I’m going to go with myself,” Thompson said of his pick for the top shooting guard, throwing up his hands. “We’re 26-1.”

He noted that the Chicago Bulls’ Jimmy Butler and Houston Rockets’ James Harden were among the candidates in his mind before reiterating his choice.

“I have confidence in myself,” Thompson said Saturday.

He certainly has a strong case, as do the other candidates he mentioned (Butler and Harden). Klay is a big reason for the Warriors’ incredible dominance, even though he struggled with consistency early on. He’s certainly among the best at his position, and may even have the edge over Harden because of his defense.

Yet, as we’ve discussed before, it doesn’t really matter if he’s right or wrong.

At a certain point, “best” is a matter of perspective and choice. If you asked Butler who he thought was the best shooting guard in the league, he’d probably say it was him. What matters is that Klay believes it. As necessary as athleticism and skills are, just as important is the confidence that you can compete with the best of them – in fact, it’s that very confidence that powers the other two assets.

(Via Bay Area News Group)