The Hawks Reportedly Trade Jerian Grant To The Knicks For Tim Hardaway, Jr.

06.25.15 4 years ago
jerian grant

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The Atlanta Hawks have been the biggest movers and shakers in the 2015 NBA Draft. They started with the 15th overall pick, but traded that to the Washington Wizards (who took Kelly Oubre with the pick). They received the 19th overall pick and a couple of second-rounders in return. They selected Jerian Grant, who they turned around and traded to the Knicks in exchange for Tim Hardaway, Jr.

It’s a hell of a deal for the Knicks, who haven’t gotten much out of Hardaway so far. He’s a volume shooter with bad percentages, and who hasn’t presented much in the way of defense. Grantland writer Zach Lowe summed up my reaction to the trade:

After New York drafted Kristaps Porzingis fourth overall, their draft looked to be done since they didn’t have any second round picks. Porzingis is a divisive pick, but coming out of the draft with him and Jerian Grant (who some considered to be the third-best point guard in the draft) looks like a pretty damn good haul. Porzingis might not be ready to contribute right away, but Grant looks like he is.

As far as Atlanta’s side, it’s a puzzling deal. Tim Hardaway looks like a bench gunner for them, and maybe a culture change will do him good.

(Via Adrian Wojnarowski)

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