The Time Kobe Bryant Almost Cracked Gregg Popovich In The Face With His Elbow

Gregg Popovich turned 67 last month. Kobe Bryant turned 37 in August. That 30-year age discrepancy didn’t matter during All-Star practices on Saturday. Popovich is coaching the Western Conference team, so he got an opportunity for some fun with Kobe. As the above video shows, Coach Pop can empathize even more with the coterie of Bruce Bowen, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard, and others who have had the difficult assignment of trying to slow Bean over the last two decades.

To be honest, Pop does a pretty good staying in from of Vino, but nobody cagily pushes defenders away with his off hand better than Kobe. Pop knows that. The best part about this is imagining Pop getting really mad at himself for letting Kobe’s errant elbow scare him away from staying in front of the Lakers legend.