Kyrie Irving Learns About Celebrity; Rudy Fernandez May Sign In Spain

It didn’t take Kyrie Irving long to learn about celebrity. He’s already filed a police report after being threatened by none other than Jessica Jackson, who happens to be Miss Hawaii. After they met briefly, Irving says the woman posted some YouTube videos and started going off on the No. 1 pick, and allegedly threatened to stab Irving … Rudy Fernandez was reportedly offered a six-year contract from Real Madrid. He could become the highest paid player EVER in the Spanish ACB. Apparently, the contract stipulations run like this: Fernandez could go to Spain, then return to the NBA whenever the 2011-12 season started, then once that season ends, finish it with the NBA and head home for the duration of his contract. Fernandez has flirted with the idea of going back home before. He’s never completely looked comfortable in the NBA, and with this new offer sitting on the table, we say the chances are pretty good he will take it … A team in Turkey is apparently interested in Vince Carter. VC is a free agent, so the opportunity is there for him to bounce. If he does, that would be one of the steepest falls from stardom we’ve seen. Actually, it seems like many of the players who head overseas do it because they fall off so quickly (Franchise, AI, Starbury). Still, because of his status as a free agent, Carter can almost stay and go as he pleases (though he would have to negotiate an opt-out in his contract) … Apparently, Amar’e Stoudemire would consider participating in Kobe‘s China expedition tour if it all went down. The catch though is that he would want everything to be insured. With his injury history, we agree. If you could choose, what 10 NBA players would you want to send, or see in an exhibition? Obviously, all All-Stars would be fun. But what about seeing how many points a guy like Monta Ellis could score in one of these games? Or how many shots Josh Smith could spike into the crowd? … Washington gave Nick Young a $3.7 million qualifying offer, allowing them to match anything that another team offers. If you were Sacramento, New Jersey, Indiana, the Clippers or any other team with cap room, would you go after Young? He’s young. He’s talented. He has upside as a lethal scorer. But does he have the makeup of a winner? Can you trust him to keep improving once he gets big money? … Former Dukie Jon Scheyer signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv. Since he is Jewish, he will have the opportunity to become an Israeli and not count as an American on their roster. That’s huge for any team that has a cap in place … And Dirk Nowitzki still plans to play in the European Championships for Germany after taking the last two summers off … We’re out like Rudy.

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