Kyrie Irving May Have Taunted LeBron James With His Hat After Boston’s First Preseason Game

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Kyrie Irving made his Boston Celtics debut on Monday night, suiting up for the team as it kicked off its preseason slate against the Charlotte Hornets. While the highlight of the game came when longtime Boston announcer Tommy Heinsohn said something kind of awkward about Celtics big man Aron Baynes, but the most notable moment came after thanks to one of Irving’s fashion choices.

Irving, who has never seemed like much of a hat guy, wore a lid that seemed to take a swipe at his former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate turned rival, LeBron James.

Here’s a video that gives a look at Irving’s hat choice.

While one of their former teammates doesn’t think there’s any bad blood between the two, Irving and James seem to be going at one another in subtle ways. There was Irving’s appearance on First Take where he seemed kind of bugged at the thought of telling James he wanted to leave, and while that was happening, James posted workout videos with Kevin Love. Additionally, James spoke on the trade and made it clear that he went through a whole bunch of emotions after the deal went down.

Like every chapter in the rapidly-unfolding Kyrie v. LeBron feud, this is very weird and kind of silly. Hopefully the best player in the world fires back in a way that is appropriate, and by that I mean by wearing an absurd t-shirt or something. Anyway, Irving played 19 minutes and had nine points in Boston’s 94-82 win over Charlotte.