Kyrie Irving Doesn’t Like ‘NBA 2K’ Making It Look Like He’s Losing His Hair

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Kyrie Irving‘s offseason has included promoting a movie and some worries about his future in Boston beyond next season. There’s talk that the Boston Celtics are scared he might leave in free agency rather than sign an extension to stay with the Celtics.

Irving said it “doesn’t make sense” to sign an extension right now, and he’s right. But it also doesn’t seem like Irving is necessarily worried about that just yet. He’s got bigger concerns, such as how he looks in Take-Two’s basketball simulator. Irving appeared on Bill Simmons’ podcast on The Ringer network on Friday and talked about how his virtual avatar appears to be losing his hair.

Irving talked about a number of different subjects in the nearly 90-minute episode, but one of the funnier moments was when he talked about playing NBA 2K18, the game that he graced the cover of last year.

Irving said he always plays with the Celtics and doesn’t make any changes to the roster that the team has (transcription via Boston.com).

“I don’t pick anybody else,” he said. “Starting five is me, JB (Jaylen Brown), Gordon, JT (Jayson Tatum), Al [Horford]. Second five: Marcus, Terry, I’ll leave JB or JT in there, I’ll leave Gordon in there, and then I’ll throw [Aron] Baynes.”

But he’s not pleased about his avatar’s hairline.

“My hair, man . . . I was like, ‘Bro, I’m not losing my hair.’”

Irving was also a bit upset about his rating, originally listed at 90. He’s a 93 now in the updated version of NBA 2K18. And to be fair, nearly every NBA player alive has complained about his NBA 2K rating at one time or another. But not all of them complain about their hairline. Maybe that’s something that can get fixed up in this year’s edition of the game, or I suppose it could get a bit worse, given how time and entropy works.