Kyrie Irving Says He Was ‘Craving’ A More Intellectual Coach Like Brad Stevens

11.03.17 5 months ago 7 Comments

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The words Kyrie Irving and “intellectual” don’t often get used in the same breath these days, what with his baffling and ongoing skepticism toward widely-agreed-upon scientific facts about the shape of our planet and whether photographs about said planet actually exist (spoiler alert: they do).

He didn’t help his cause much recently when he was operating under the misconception that the Bucks’ retro “Mecca” court was actually the original court and voiced concerns about the dangers it might pose to players.

Beyond that, Irving can’t stop himself from firing thinly-veiled shots at his former organization and its fan-base, whether he’s praising the Celtics’ penchant for passing the ball or just expressing his glee about residing in a “real, live sports city.” He took took yet another passive-aggressive shot at the Cavs recently, this time directed at his former coach Tyronn Lue.

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