The Lakers Have Reportedly Made A New, Improved Offer For Anthony Davis (UPDATE)

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Anthony Davis trade rumors heated up on Monday afternoon as the star big man reportedly gave the Pelicans a list of teams he would be willing to re-sign with in 2020.

That list apparently included the Lakers, Clippers, Knicks, and Bucks, as it’s clear Davis and Rich Paul are eager to get him moved before the deadline — which is why they’re making it very clear they aren’t interested in Boston. The Knicks already struck out on an offer centered on Kristaps Porzingis, and unless they land the No. 1 overall pick this summer it’s hard for them to make a package that beats what others, like the Lakers, can offer.

The Bucks likewise are hard to create a good offer with, because their best tradeable player, Khris Middleton, is an unrestricted free agent this summer and very likely to go elsewhere — although, if the Pelicans were willing to max him out on a likely overpay, he may stay. The Clippers are intriguing, but would have to put Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and a number of future picks on the table along with Tobias Harris to make it work, and like Middleton, Harris is an unrestricted free agent this summer.

That, again, leaves the Lakers as the preferred and most likely destination among those teams. Still, it’s up to L.A. to put the right offer on the table and on Monday they apparently brought a more serious offer to the table than the one originally reported as being offered last week. The details from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski are vague, but it’s a combination of young players and a few picks.

The note about cap relief also indicates they’ll be taking on Solomon Hill in the deal. If you’re looking for what that trade might look like, the only way to make money work with Davis and Hill is for a number of vets to be going back to New Orleans as well. According to Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times the deal sends their top three young players along with a trio of expiring vets and a pair of first rounders to try and get it down.

That just might get the job done. The Pelicans would free themselves significant cap room while also acquiring plenty of assets. We’ll see if that’s enough and what exactly is on the table, but for now it appears Magic Johnson and company are looking to get a deal done by the deadline and making their offer as strong as possible.