Lamar Odom Looks Good In His First Picture Since His Hospitalization

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01.01.16 2 Comments

The last time we heard anything about former NBA star Lamar Odom, he seemed to be progressing well in recovery from an October incident in Nevada that left him hospitalized. Odom was able to walk without any assistance, he was able to reach his hand above his head to pull up his hood, and he remembered the name of a hospital staff member. All of these were signs of progress from Odom, who wasn’t able to walk without a walker and had trouble recognizing family and friends for a period of time.

The latest update on the former Sixth Man of the Year comes via the Instagram account of his son, Lamar Jr. The younger Lamar Odom spent some time around his father recently and posted a picture of the former Clippers, Heat, Lakers, and Mavericks star. Of course, drawing full conclusions on Odom’s current state of wellbeing based on an Instagram picture isn’t wise, but he does look like he’s in good shape and enjoying the time that he’s spending with his family, which is awesome.

After such a rough 2015, we all hope that Odom is able to make a full recovery and get back on his feet in 2016.

(via The Wrap)

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