LaVar Ball Is Ready To Wage War Against LiAngelo And LaMelo’s Head Coach In Lithuania

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Despite his best efforts, LaVar Ball has been unable to get Lakers coach Luke Walton fired. He has not tried to do anything on that front in a while, partly because Lonzo Ball has been dealing with an injury for a few weeks, and partly because he’s been over in Lithuania watching as his two youngest sons, LiAngelo and LaMelo, start their professional basketball careers.

Apparently, LaVar has decided that it’s high time to start beefing with their head coach, too. The biggest baller of them all is on the verge of a high school-caliber beef with Virginijus Šeškus, the head coach of Vytautas Prienai–Birštonas.

It stems from the fact that LiAngelo and LaMelo started the game on the bench in their most recent loss in the upper Lithuanian league. No, seriously. Here’s what LaVar had to say about that, complete with the sentence “I’ll say hi to him, but I’m not going to be his buddy anymore because he threw my friendship out the window.”

This is kind of obviously an attempt by LaVar to force Šeškus out of his job as head coach so he can take over the team, like he did for the lower level team earlier this year. No one is saying “I told him the recipe how to win” after a loss without some other intentions, although I do suppose if LaVar wanted to coach, he’d probably just say that. Oh well, this is all incredibly dumb.