LaVar Ball Went Onto ‘Ellen’ And Explained His Main Long-Term Financial Goal

Associate Editor


LaVar and Lonzo Ball went on television again. This time, the duo made a cameo on Ellen, and like most interviews involving these two, it involved Lonzo sitting back and taking it all in while his dad ran through his usual laundry list of ridiculous and silly claims. For the most part, it wasn’t anything you haven’t seen before.

But at one point, Ellen DeGeneres asked LaVar an interesting question: What is the ultimate financial goal you have for your family? It’s something we’ve never heard anyone ask, and seeing as how LaVar obviously thinks in the big picture, it unsurprisingly has a good answer.

“The goal is to have my kid’s kids be trust fund babies,” Ball said. “That internal wealth. Don’t be wealthy for 10 years when your contract wears out and now you’re stuck with nothing, and now you’re on that 70 percentile being broke.”

So while some of the decisions that Ball makes are questionable — giving his youngest son, LaMelo, a signature shoe as a high schooler still looks like a risky proposition — it seems like it’s all part of a much larger, defined plan to make sure his family can live comfortably for a few generations. Even if he’s not always going about achieving his goals in the most tactful way, or if it always seems like he’s playing some complex game of 12th-dimensional chess, LaVar is certainly shooting for the moon.

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