Learn To Handle Like Kyrie Irving With I Love Basketball TV

You’ve already mastered Kyrie Irving’s signature crossover. But with even more expert guidance from Coach Rocky of I Love Basketball, the full repertoire of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ dribbling wizard will be at your disposal in no time.

In this fun and simple instructional video, Coach Rocky breaks down the sick signature moves that have helped make Irving an international superstar.

First, you learn Irving’s cat-quick in-out, crossover, and step-back:

Then comes his quick spin in the paint:

Followed closely by his whirling perimeter spin:

Next, you’re onto Kyrie’s step-back drop-crossover:

And finally, learn his unstoppable and unorthodox pull-up. Coach Rocky teaches it seamlessly, of course, but here’s the real thing in game-winning form:

Kyrie is Kyrie is for a reason – these moves won’t make you him. But you could at least be the next best thing, which is a player keenly resembling the world’s premier ballhandler.

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