LeBron Has Started Posting Cryptic Stuff On Instagram After The Lakers Fell To 0-4

The Los Angeles Lakers could be doing a lot better at the start of the 2022-23 NBA season. After losing to the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday night, the team fell to 0-4 on the year, and find themselves as one of three teams in the league that have yet to win a game at this early point in the calendar.

While LeBron James and Anthony Davis have done about what you’d expect and the defense has been one of the stingiest in the NBA, Los Angeles’ total lack of shooting has been a gigantic problem. This includes James (25.7 percent from three) and especially Davis (18.2 percent), but as a team, the Lakers are at a hair over 22.3 percent on the season.

All of this has led to the return of one of basketball’s most well-known phenomenons: LeBron posting stuff on social media that can very easily be read as a cryptic message. James posted a video of himself dunking during the game against Denver with a simple caption, “How long will you be taken for granted…..”

In the aftermath of the Lakers’ first loss of the season, ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst did a detailed breakdown of a subtle move James made in his postgame press conference that led him to believe James is trying to get a point across about how things are going in L.A. This latest post by James will only fuel the belief that he’s working to make sure the Lakers’ brass won’t just let another season of his go to waste.