LeBron James Showed Off The Upcoming Nike LeBron 16s On Instagram

Getty Image

LeBron James’ newest sneaker is slated to drop in less than a month, as the Nike LeBron 16s will be released on Sept. 20. The news that the kicks are on track to come out in September was announced earlier this week, and despite the fact that James joined the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this summer, the LeBron 16s will debut in a black and university red colorway.

As for what the 16s will look like, well, that was a bit of an unknown until Wednesday, when pictures circulating on social media appeared to show James in his latest signature sneaker. The picture was taken by NBA photographer Cassy Athena and were posted to the Instagram account of Los Angeles-area basketball coach Coach Spoon. Head to the third pic in here to see James chilling out on a chair with some new fire on his feet.

This led to some speculation about whether these are actually the 16s or not, and eventually, James decided to shut down the debate by posting the sneakers to his Instagram Story.


These are in line with some of the designs that have been floating around on the internet. The unique design of the tongue and the wrap around the heel that features his lion logo are nice touches. There’s no word on whether these specific sneakers will be the ones that drop next month, nor is there any word on what you can expect to pay once they hit the market.