LeBron James Airballing A Free Throw Proves That Even He Is Capable Of Hilarious Lowlights

Associate Editor
11.01.16 5 Comments

Here is LeBron James. He is the best basketball player on earth. When we write about him, it is usually because he does something awesome – no one is capable of doing some of the stuff LeBron does, whether it’s skying high for a dunk or throwing a completely ridiculous pass to give one of his teammates a wide open attempt from the field.

This, however, is not one of those times. In fact, when it comes to things that LeBron has done on the court, this is among the worst moments of his basketball career.

LeBron lined up for a free throw against the Houston Rockets. He shot an airball. It wasn’t even especially close, as the ball barely hit the net. Credit to LeBron and his teammates, though, as no one seemed to be especially shook after this. Still, you have to think that when the team goes back and watches film, this is going to come up, and everyone is going to make sure they give King James an earful.

This was so incredibly bad. It’s possible that this was so bad that Andre Drummond and DeAndre Jordan laughed in unison while saying “man, LeBron, this isn’t good.”

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