LeBron James Viciously Put Nikola Vucevic On A Poster

This is mean, LeBron James. The Cleveland Cavaliers are playing the Orlando Magic on Saturday night, and LeBron thought it would be fun to put Nikola Vucevic on a poster. Over the course of his career, he’s set a really high bar for stuff like this, but this is one of the most vicious dunks that we’ve ever seen him bust out during a game.

LeBron blew by Evan Fournier and only had Vucevic between him and the hoop. Because he’s LeBron James and he can do stuff like this, the reigning Finals MVP took off, went right into Vucevic, got fouled, and threw down. Vucevic just kind of stumbled backwards and stood there for a second, because even though he’s not exactly known for his defensive prowess, this was bad.

LeBron, meanwhile, walked away calmly while the crowd at the Q went insane. The best reaction, though, came from the Cavaliers’ bench. Everyone wanted to react like they saw something completely ridiculous, but they were unable to do that because LeBron blew their minds. So instead, they all kind of walked around aimlessly with amazed looks on their faces.

It must be weird playing with LeBron, because just when you think you’ve seen him do everything, he goes out and does something like this.