The NBA Finals Loss Finally Made LeBron James Embrace Going Bald

It didn’t take long for LeBron James to get back in the gym and start working towards next season’s revenge tour after the Cavaliers’ were trounced by the Warriors in five games in the NBA Finals. James posted a video to Instagram on Thursday showing him bouncing around the weight room while the Warriors were busy on their championship parade.

It’s clear James is back and focused on the task at hand, which is the uphill climb to catch Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and the Warriors’ squad that is definitely a super team no matter what Durant says. That could mean the Cavs need to make a move — possibly trying to turn Kevin Love into a different player via trade — but mostly, it means LeBron James has to be at his best again and ready to play almost every minute of every game against the Warriors.

To do that, James needs no distractions and to be at his very best. That means he’s got to workout and also not be worried about silly things, like continuing to fight with his hairline. Based off of his Instagram video and caption, this is going to be the summer of Bald Bron.

It’s been time for LeBron to embrace his baldness for awhile, but he’s finally done it. Maybe all he needed was to be humbled by the Warriors to force himself to take a long look in the mirror and see that it wasn’t worth hanging on to. Bald LeBron will be a force of nature. This is now a man that has given up on foolishness and is done clinging to the past.

This is a man set to attack the future with vigorous enthusiasm and not a care in the world for what anyone else says. If LeBron commits fully to baldness, and I’m not talking about this look but the full package, wax and everything, I project an historic MVP season from him. Bald LeBron is going to average 35 points, 12 assists, and 11 rebounds per game, not give a damn about anything, and tell the haters to kiss his shiny head.

Speaking of those haters, Draymond Green took to Instagram to take credit for LeBron’s new found baldness and poke some fun at the King.

It was a wild day on NBA trolling, especially involving Green and LeBron, as Green rocked a “Quickie” shirt to poke fun at the Cavs during the Warriors’ victory parade and LeBron responded with an Instagram post with an incredible corny joke.