The Massive LeBron James Nike Banner In Cleveland Will Be Taken Down

07.02.18 8 months ago 3 Comments

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LeBron James‘ return to Cleveland in 2014 also brought back to the city one of the artistic hallmarks of his career in the city. Namely, Nike put up another massive banner of James when he came back to the city to play for the Cavaliers.

The banner, which shows James with outstretched arms wearing a jersey with ‘Cleveland’ on the back, essentially covers 10 stories of the Landmark Office Towers across the street from Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. The banner was unavoidable, a 110-foot tall and 200-foot wide reminder that James had come home.

A similar banner was on the building from 2005 until James left for the Heat. The free agent move meant the end of that banner, and its return added a bit of symbolic ceremony to the occasion. But given that James is off to Los Angeles, it’s only fitting that the banner come down once again. Sherwin-Williams, which owns the building, said on Monday that the Nike-sponsored banner will be taken down soon.

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