LeBron James Thinks People Take His Basketball Abilities For Granted

12.06.17 4 months ago 2 Comments

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LeBron James is somehow playing some of the best basketball of his career a decade and a half since he came into the league. But even he feels that sometimes he’s not recognized for what he’s capable of doing.

James is posting career highs in true shooting percentage (66.4), 3-point percentage (41.6), assist percentage (42.9) and block percentage (2.6). His free throw shooting (77.3) is the second-best mark of his career but he’s still managing to do things he’s never done before, according to Kyle Wagner of FiveThirty Eight.

Wagner’s piece explores some of James’ numbers and argues that, while he’s not playing as strong defensively as he has at other points in his career, a lot of that might just be because he’s not playing at his best just yet. And that’s something that LeBron himself seems to agree with.

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