This Absurd LeBron James Pass Is A Reminder That He Is The Best Playmaker On Earth

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02.04.17 2 Comments

LeBron James wants a playmaker. It’s easy to understand why he wants this – the Cavaliers aren’t exactly loaded at the point guard position on their depth chart – but every once in a while, he does ludicrous stuff like this to remind all of us that he is the best playmaker on earth.

The scene: the Knicks were in the midst of a furious comeback against Cleveland on Saturday night. The crowd in Madison Square Garden was on fire, as the Cavs were up 106-101 with less than a minute remaining after leading by 27 points at one point in the game.

Cleveland needed someone to make a play. In these moments, we are oftentimes reminded of the brilliance LeBron, and this was no exception. He drove to the rim and saw that Kevin Love was wide open in the corner. The only issue was that LeBron was being hounded by a pair of defenders, so he needed to do something incredible to get Love the ball.

LeBron’s response to this came when he threw a pass behind his head, split the arms of Kristaps Porzingis, and got Love the ball in a perfect position. The Cavaliers’ big man did the rest, as he drilled a three to stomp on any hopes of a Knicks’ comeback.

But still, this play is a testament to LeBron’s court vision and his ability to throw passes that no one else can make. On the night, King James had 32 points and 10 assists. He played really well, but this was easily his best moment.

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