LeBron James And Dwyane Wade Celebrated 15 NBA Seasons With A ‘Week Of Work’

09.15.17 1 year ago

Getty Image

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade played only four seasons together with the Miami Heat, but their bond goes well beyond that. For starters, the two future Hall of Famers are close friends, and they both entered the league via the 2003 NBA Draft as top-five selections. Since then, James and Wade have been closely-tied even while spending 10 full seasons apart, and even as they both enter 2017-2018 representing different organizations, there was still time for the soon-to-be 15-year veterans to celebrate this week.

James used a “Winter Is Coming” reference to document his excitement for the upcoming campaign and even doubled down on the “#savagemode” that he has been forecasting on social media throughout the offseason. Not to be outdone, Wade posted the same image of the two stars together and indicated that he and James “both helped push each other to go outside of our comfort zones.”

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